2 KVA Yamaha Petrol Generator Single Phase 220V Manual
2 KVA-220V Manual Yamaha gasoline generator set technical parameters:
Model No. EF2600 FW
Generator set:
Calibration frequency: 50Hz
Rated voltage: 220V
Rated current: 9.1 A
Rated output: 2.0 kVA
Maximum output: 2.3 kVA
Power factor: 1
DC output: 12V-8.3 A
Calibration speed: 3000 rpm
Maximum speed: 3600 rpm
Type of motor: damped winding of polar rotating magnetic field
Phase number: Single phase
Structure Type: Frame
Fuel tank capacity: 12L
Volume of lubricants: 0.6 L
Continuous operation time: 10 hours
Noise Level: 65dBA/7 M
Type: 4 stroke air-cooled OHV
Engine model: 170
Cylinder diameter X stroke: 70 x 45mm
Displacement: 171cc
Rated power: 2.7 kw/3000 rpm
Start mode: pull start
Tank capacity: 12 litres
Volume of lubricants: 0.6 litres
Continuous operation time: 10 hours
Overload Protection Device(AC): Non-fuse Breaker(NFB)
Overload Protection Device(DC): Non-fuse Breaker(NFB)
Size(length × width × height): 510 X 415 X 425 mm
Net weight: 42kg
Gross weight: 45kg
Configuration: fuel gauge, voltmeter, oil alarm light, yahmaha standard.
Explanation: The machine does not fit with gasoline and oil, does not fit wires, and plugs. Division I can choose.
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