3 inch (80) gasoline engine high pressure water pump electric start YAMAHA power
YAMAHA YAMAHA power 3 inch gasoline high-pressure water pump technical parameters:
Model: ZMHP30GE
Type: high pressure pump, clean water pump, self-priming pump
Water pump:
Inlet diameter: 80mm (3 inch)
Outlet diameter: 65mm (2.5 inch) one
Outlet diameter: 40mm (1.5 inch) two
Calibrated flow: 45m3/h (45 cubic meters per hour)
Calibration lift: 80m
Maximum suction: 8M
Engine brand: YAMAHA YAMAHA
Engine model: 400
Engine type: four stroke, OHV, air cooling, gasoline engine.
Displacement: 402cc
Aperture x stroke: 85x71mm
Rated power: 7.8kW/3600rpm
Maximum power: 15HP/3600rpm
Maximum torque: 26.4Nm/2400rpm
Fuel: Unleaded Gasoline
Tank capacity: 4.5L
Lubricating oil capacity: 1100cc
Ignition mode: T.C.I.
Starting mode: hand starting plus electric starting valve
Oil alarm: there is
Shape size: 665x460x610 mm
Weight: 50kg
Gross weight: 55kg
Sand filter, throat gold hoop, rubber foot and spark plug sleeve.
Description: pump outlet pipe fittings, filter screen, not equipped with water pipes and oil.
Water pipe and water belt, our company can also be configured according to customer requirements.
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